Monday, October 17, 2011

October Tournament Results

The October Region B tournament took place at Huron High School over the weekend. 62 Clague team members competed among a group of 285 kids from throughout the state.The team finished first in Top Five (99 out of a possible 100) and first in average (15.03 per student, 20 is perfect)!!

Top scorers (18 points or higher) for the team included:
Jessica C.
Hannah C.
Matt D.
Mairead E.
Justin L.
Daniel L.
Yuyi L.
Shreya M.
Andrew R.
Matthew S.
Susanne S.
Grace Z.

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the tournament.

Our next saturday tournament will be November 19 at Northville Amerman Elementary School. Students need to attend at least three saturday tournaments to be eligible for the State tournament in March.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Equations Worksheets

Equations worksheets are linked on the right. There is a packet for Elementary players (6th graders) and one for Middle players (7th and 8th grade). We will not be printing out the worksheets, so it is up to each student to print them out on their own. Worksheets are due before Thanksgiving break.

For every page completed, students will get one point added to their Friday tournament score, regardless of the number of problems they get correct. The idea is to reward effort. Students are encouraged to bring their worksheet packet with them to all practices, as we will often have times when they can work on them with other students.

6th and 7th grade students can get a maximum of 20 points from the worksheets, while 8th grade students can get points for the worksheets that deal with variations that are new this year, specifically worksheets 8B, 8D, 8E, 9K, 9L, 9M, 9N & 9O.

Friday Tournament Results

After losing our Friday Tournament last week to the power outage last week, we had a double tournament this week with two rounds.

Team results from Friday's tournament:
Tofu Monsters - 143 points, 8.68 average
Susanne's No Names - 146 points, 8.59 average
Angry Birds - 156 points, 8.21 average
Inedible Gummibears - 119 total points, 7.44 average

Overall Standings:
Angry Birds - 359 points, 18.82 average
Susanne's No Names - 241 points, 14.73 average
Tofu Monsters - 249 total points, 14.57 average
Inedible Gummibears - 233 points, 14.27 average

Individual Top Scores:
Justin L. 23 points
Tommy L. 22
Devyani A. 21
Grace Z. 20
Richard Z. 20
Wesley C. 20
Shreya M. 20
Preethi N. 20
Oliver B. 19
Grace L. 19
Tao C. 19
Justin S. 19.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Saturday tournament

Over the weekend we had our first tournament at Clague. 52 students competed for Clague against students from other schools in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Northville, Jackson, and Ypsilanti.

The team finished first in Top Five (97 out of a possible 100) and second in average (15.00 per student, 20 is perfect, first place was 15.18).

Top scorers (18 points or higher) for the team included: Eileen S., Grace L., Jesse C., Justin L., Mason D., Matt D., Maya F., Shivani J., Susanne S., and Timothy L. Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the tournament. Our next saturday tournament will be October 15th at Huron High School.

Students need to attend at least three saturday tournaments to be eligible for the State tournament in March.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Academic Games for 2011-12

Welcome Back,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful summer vacation. Academic Games begins for all interested students begins this Monday evening from 7-9 pm. Our practice schedule will remain the same this year as it was last year, Mondays 7-9 pm, and Fridays after school.

Our first Saturday tournament will be September 24th at Clague. A complete schedule is posted to the right, and is included in the Welcome Letter that is also posted on the right. Please make sure to complete the registration form attached to the welcome letter and bring it with you to your first practice. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Eric ( or Vivek (

Thank for your support,

Eric & Vivek

Monday, May 2, 2011

Nationals, Third Results for Middle

Awesome People's Team 480 points, 20th place
The Legitimate Walruses 466 points, 21st place
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 464 points, 22nd place

Awesome People's Team 628 points, tied for third in the nation
The Legitimate Walruses 562 points, 9th place
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 484 points, 16th place

Individual --
Claire F. 142 points, 2nd in country
Shreya M. 138 points, tied for 6th

Section A
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 108 1st in division

Section C
Awesome People's Team 112, 1st in division

Section E
The Legitimate Walruses 103, tied for 2nd in division

Awesome and Bob Lee advanced to the playoffs. Awesome lost in their semi-final by two points to a team from Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana, while Bob Lee advanced to the national championship match, where they lost by four points to a team from Grand Rapids.

Individual-- The following players got perfect scores but were defeated in the playoffs before the final match:
Shreya M.
Shalini L.
Luke C.

The On-Sets final from yesterday is still to be played (Luke C. and Susanne S) and the announcement of the overall sweepstakes winner will come tonight at the awards ceremony.

Nationals, Third Results for Elementary

Today's competitions included the final two rounds of Equtions, Propaganda and Presidents as well as Equations playoffs.

A+ = @ 444 points, 10th place
Rugrats 418 points, 13th place
Duleing Dragons 340 points, 29th place

Rugrats 536 points, 3rd place
A+=@ 418 points, 12th place
Duleing Dragons 276 points, 31st place

Individual --
Justin S., 130 points, 2nd in the country
Oliver B. 124 points, 7th in the country

Sec B
Dueling Dragons 100, 2nd in section

Sec C
Rugrats 111, 1st in section

Sec E
A+ = @ 113, 1st in section

Playoffs -- Rugrats and A+ advanced to the playoffs, where they both won their semi-final matches against teams from Louisiana and Detroit. In the national championship final, Rugrats finished first, a team from Florida finished second, and A+ finished third.

Individuals -- The following students got perfect Equations scores:
Richard Z.
Grace L
Jessica C.

Nationals, Second Day Results for Middle

Here are results for the second day of competitions for the 7th and 8th graders:

The Awesome People's Team 284 points 19th place
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 278 points 20th place
The Legitimate Walruses 258 points, 26th place

Section A
The Legitimate Walruses 83, 5th place

Section B
Awesome People's Team 106, 1st place

Section C
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 108 points, 1st place

Playoffs - Awesome People's Team and Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge advanced to the national championship round where the Awesome People's team won the national championship by two points over Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge, who finished second the country!!

Section A
Awesome People's Team 120 , 1st place

Section B
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 116 1st place

Section C
The Legitimate Walruses 97, tied for 2nd

Playoffs-- The Awesome People's team both advanced to the national semifinals. Bob Lee's team lost in the semi-final match, while the Awesome People's team advanced to the final where they played one team from Grand Rapids, and one from Indian River County in Florida. In the final, Awesome People's team won easily, 24-20-16 to bring the Middle Linguishtik national championship back to Ann Arbor again!

Individual Playoffs
In the middle division, any player with a perfect 24 in the regular rounds advanced to a multi-level playoff to determine the individual national championship.
In Linguishtik the following players get perfect scores but were eliminated in the first or second round of the playoffs:
Luke C
Shalini L
Shreya M
Conrad P
Susanne S
Topher W

Two players made it to the final , and Claire F finished second in the country, and Shwetha R won the national title in Linguishtik, her first career individual title!

In On-Sets, four players got perfect scores, but due to the length of a semi-final match (14 sudden death shakes) the final was not played tonight.
The following players lost in the semi final matches:
Topher W
Shalini L

The following two players will play tomorrow, along with a student from Grand Rapids, MI for the national championship:
Luke C
Sussanne S

Congrats to all of our students for their great success so far

Nationals, Second Day Results for Elementary

Today we played the first two rounds of Propaganda, and the second two rounds of On-Sets and Linguishtik and team playoffs for both of those games.

Rugrats 276 points 8th place, 8 points back of 7th
A+ = @ 270 points, 11th place
Duleing Dragons 220, 24th place

Section C
Rugrats 108, 1st place

Section D
A+=@ 98 points, tied for 1st

Playoffs -- Both teams advanced to a six team playoff with three, two-team semifinal matches leading to a three team national championship final. Both teams won their semi-final easily over teams from Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana (near New Orleans) and Palm Beach County Florida. In the national championship final, they played against a team from Indian River County in Florida and finished second (Rugrats) and third (A+), by a score of 22 (IR) to 20 (rugrats) to 18 (A+).
Congrats to our national second and third place teams.

Section A
A+ = @ 107 points, 1st place

Section B
Rugrats 105 points, 1st place

Section C
Dueling Dragons 86 points, 5th place

Playoffs -- A+ = @ and the Rugrats advacned to a three team playoff for the national championship with a team from the Detroit charter school, Plymouth Educational Center, and The Rugrats came out on top with 24 points and A+ finished second with 23 points.
Congrats to our national runners-up and national champions from Clague!!

There are no individual playoffs in the elementary division, but the students with perfect 24s are honored as undefeated players.
The Linguishtik perfect scores included:
Ji Ho H.
Grace L.

The On-Sets perfect scores included:
Livia B-W.
Jesse C.
Richard Z.

Congrats to all of our players for their impressive showing thus far in the national tournament.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nationals, First Day Results for Middle

First day scores for the 7th and 8th graders:

Section A
Awsome People's Team 60 (out of 60), 1st place, 9 points up

Section B
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 57, 1st place, 9 points up

Section C
The Legitimate Walruses 42, 5th place, 13 point back

Section A
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge, 57 points, 1st place, 2 points up

Section C
Awesome People's Team 56 points, 1st place, 9 points up

Section E
The Legitimate Walruses, 58 points, 1st place, 7 points up

On Sets
Section A
The Legitimate Walruses 36, 7th place, 15 points back

Section B
The Awesome People's Team 53, 2nd place, 2 points back

Section C
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 53, 1st place, 5 points up

Awesome People's Team 318 (out of 360) 4th place, 2 points back of third, 22 points back of first
The Legitimate Walruses 280, 12th place
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 246, 18th place

Tomorrow we play Ling, Prop, OS

Nationals, First Day Results for Elem

The first day of competition is done and the Clague students are once again setting the pace:

Section C
The Rugrats 52 (out of 60) - 1st place, 2 points up

Section D
A+ =@ 48 points - 3rd place, 1 point back of first

Section B
Dueling Dragons 52 points, 2nd place, 7 points back

Section C
Rugrats 53 points, 1st place, 9 points up

Section F
A+=@ 58, 1st place, 10 points up

On - Sets
Section A
A+ = @ 55 points, 1st place, 5 points up

Section B
The Rugrats 56 points, 1st place, 11 points up

Section C
Dueling Dragons 40, 5th place

Rugrats 276 points (out of 360), 3rd place, 24 points back of 2nd, 46 points back of first
A+=@ 192 points, tied for 15th
Dueling Dragons 162 points, tied for 23rd

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From an alum...

Upon hearing of the Clague AG team's success at this year's state tournament a Clague AG alum from the mid nineties provided this definition: clague (verb, transitive) - 1. to excel and dominate the competition in cerebral challenges of the mind, often leaving one's opponent stunned and bewildered, yet smiling in good humor and awed with admiration and respect.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Presidents State Champions!!!

Late Thursday evening the final score for Middle Presidents were posted and Clague teams once again dominated the competition.

Pikachu 237 points, State Champions!!
Yoda 212 points, 2nd place
Justice League 194 points, honorable mention
Peanuts 190 points, honorable mention
Fantastic Four 176, honorable mention

Again, congratulations to all their Clague kids for demonstration of superior mastery of U.S. History!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On-Sets State Champs!!!

In the state final for On-Sets, The Justice League outlasted Pikachu and a team from Grand Rapids to claim the 2011 State Championship for Middle Adventurous On-Sets!

Congrats to all the Clague students for their stupendous set theory knowledge!

Linguishtik State Champs!!!

In a close State Championship final playoff, Clague's Justice League won the Linguisthik state championship over a team from Grand Rapids and a team from Detroit 23 to 19 to 18

Congratulations to all of our Clague grammar masters for another display of language mastery.

Basic Wff second day results

The final rounds of Basic Wff were completed this afternoon.

Division I
The Mystery Machine 98 points, 2nd place

Divsion II
Those Meddling Kids 104 points, 2nd place

As the highest second place score, Those Meddling Kids won the wildcard and will compete in the state championship playoffs Friday morning.

Congrats to our basic Wff players for their logical labors.

Regular Wff 'n Proof State Champions!!

The final round of Regular Wff was played this afternoon. Tied for first with the team they were playing going into the Final round, Mystery Inc. won 26-24 to claim the State Championship!
Meanwhile, Scooby Snacks won their heads up match in the final round to claim third place in the State!

Congratulations to all of the Cougar regular Wff players for their excellent work on Wff in the last month before states. Your considerable logic skills continue to amaze!

Equations State Champs!!!

The third and fourth rounds of Equations are over:

Division I
Justice League 117 points, 1st place
Fantastic Four 90 points, 3rd place

Division II
Pikachu 113 points, 1st place

Division III
Peanuts 101 points, 1st place
Yoda 97 points, 3rd place

With Clague winning all three divisions, there will be no playoff and they all will be declared State Co-Champions!!!

Congratulations to all of the Clague students for their marvelous mastery of mathematics!

Linguishtik Final Scores

Division I
Pikachu 103 points, 2nd place
Yoda 93 points, 4th place

Divsion II
Justice League 110 1st place
Peanuts 91 3rd place
Fantastic Four 81 5th place

The Justice League will now move on to the State Finals!

Wff first day scores

Regular Wff 'N Proof (only one division)

Mystery, Inc. 54 points, t-1st
Scooby Snacks 48 points, 3rd, four points ahead.

Because of the division size, Regular Wff will only play three rounds total. Mystery Inc. plays the team they are tied with for the State Championship tomorrow. Scooby Snacks plays the fourth place team for third place.

Basic Wff (two divsions)

Division I
Mystery Machine 49 points (in two rounds), -9 from first, -1 from second

Division II
Those Meddling Kids 26 points (in one round)

The basic Wff divisions will play five rounds, with each team sitting out one round. Mystery Machine will play two round tomorrow, while Those Meddling Kids will play three rounds tomorrow.

On Sets First Day Scores

Divsion I
Pikachu 55 points, 2nd, two points back
Peanuts 41 points, 3rd

Division II
Yoda 41 points, 4th place

Divsion III
Justice League 60 points, 1st place
Fantastic Four 41 points, 4th place, three points back of third

Linguisthik First Day Scores

Division I
Pikachu 49 points, 2nd, 7 points back
Yoda, 46 points, 4th, 2 points back of first

Division II
Justice League 55, 1st, two points up
Peanuts 46 points, 3rd
Fantastic Four 39, 5th

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Equations 1st day scores

The first two rounds of Equations are complete:

Division I
The Justice League 60 points, 1st place, 15 points ahead of 2nd
Fantastic Four 39 points, 4th place, 2 points back of third

Division II
Pikachu 53 points, 1st place, 2 points ahead of 2nd

Division III
Peanuts 49 points, 2nd place, 3 points back of 1st
Yoda 45 points, 3rd place

Mores scores to come later tonight

Propaganda Scores

Propaganda Final Results:

Peanuts 109 points, 2nd place
Pikachu 104 points, t-3rd place
Justice League 104 points, t-3rd place
Fantastic Four, 80 points, Honorable Mention
Yoda 78 points, Honorable Mention

congrats to all the Clague middle players for their amazing mastery of persuasion techniques.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On-Sets State Champs!!!

Equations and On-Sets playoffs concluded this evening. In the Equations playoffs,
Phineas & Ferb won their semifinal by one point while Looney Tunes lost by six points. In the final the team that had beaten Looney Tunes in the semifinal beat Phineas & Ferb for their school's first adventurous equations state title.

In the On-Sets playoffs, both Looney Tunes and Phineas & Ferb won their semifinals matches eliminating the need for a final match and both were decalred State Co-Champions.

Congratulations to the entire team for their superior mathmatical abilities.

On-Sets Second Day Scores

After all four rounds:

Division I
Totoro 92 points- 3rd place

Division II
Phineas & Ferb 111 points - 2nd place - wildcard

Divsion III
Looney Tunes 107 points - 1st place

Division IV
Spongebob Squarepants 93 points - 2nd place

Looney Tunes & Phineas & Ferb now move onto the playoffs tonight

Linguishtik State Champs!!!

Results from the final two round of Linguisthik:

Division I
Phines & Ferb - 113 points - first place
Spongebob Squarepants - 96 points - second place

Division II
Looney Tunes - 117 points - first place

Divsion III
Totoro - 111 points - first place

Because Clague won all three divisions, there will be no playoff and the three Clague teams have been declared State Co-Champions!!! Congrats to all the Clague kids for their amazing display of mastery of English grammar and vocabulary.

Equations 2nd days scores

Standings after rounds 3 and 4 of Equations

Division I
Totoro 87 points- 4th place

Division II
Spongebob Squarepants - 95 points - 2nd place

Division III
Looney Tunes - 111 points - first place

Division IV
Phineas & Ferb - 104 points - 2nd place

All the division winners in addition to two wildcard teams (2nd place team with the highest scores) now advance to the state semi-finals. Looney Tunes, and Phineas & Ferb (wildcard) will be playing in seperate matches around 4:30 pm.

Congrats to all the Clague kids for their outstanding math skills.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On-Sets First Day Scores

First Two rounds of On-Sets

Division I
Totoro - 45 points - 4th place, 5 points behind first

Division II
Phineas & Ferb - 51 points - 2nd place, 4 points behind first

Divsion III
Looney Tunes - 50 points - 2nd place, 3 points behind first

Division IV
Spongebob Squarepants - 41 points - 5th place, 1 point behind third

More score tomorrow

Equations and Linguishtik First Day scores

Equations First Two Rounds --

Division I
Totoro - 38 - 6th place, 9 points back of 3rd

Division II
Spongebob Squarepants - 48 - T-2nd, 12 points back of first

Division III
Looney Tunes - 56 - first place, 6 points up

Division IV
Phineas & Ferb 53, 5 points up

Division I
Phineas & Ferb - 57 points - 1st place, 9 points up
Spongebob Squarepants - 45 points, 4th place, 1 point back of third

Division II
Looney Tunes - 57, 2nd place - 2 points back

Division III
Totoro - 54 points - tied for first

Kids are playing On-Sets now (about quarter to 7), will post On-Sets results later tonight.

Propaganda State Champs!!!!!

The Clague 6th graders have just started the 37th annual Super Tournament and have already begun piling up the gold! This morning they competed in the game of Propaganda, and finished with four of the top five spots in the State:

State Champs - The Looney Tunes - 98 points
3d place - Toturo - 81 points
T-4th - Phineas & Ferb - 74 points
T-4th - Spongebob Squarepants - 74 points

Congrats to all the students for their excellence in the art of persuasion.

They are playing the first two rounds of Equations, with Linguishtik to follow, and On-Sets tonight after dinner. More Results to come.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ling Challenge Match Results

Welcome back from break! We held our Ling challenge match on Monday. First place went to the Giant Midgets with an average score of 4.7. The Pretty Pink Trashcans finished second with 4.4, the No Names third with 3.9 and the Indestructible Cabbages had a 3.35.

Yearly standings:
Pretty Pink Trashcans 1,145 points 86.95 average
Giant Midgets 965, 73.16
Indestructible Cabbages 1,073, 68.51
No Names 1,063, 64.89

Top Individuals:
Susanne S. 100 pts
Oliver B. 98
Livia B.-W. 98
Jesse C. 95
Matthew S. 95
Shreya M. 93
Justin S. 89
Luke C. 87
Miela F. 87
Preethi G. 87
Natsume O. 87

Ling worksheets have been posted at the right, they will be due by February 4. 8th graders are eligible to receive points for all clause and phrase worksheets only. They can also turn in propaganda and presidents questions for points.