Friday, January 4, 2013

AG in the the new year

Hello All,

We hope everyone had a peaceful holiday season and a happy new year.

A few important dates and bits of information for you:

January 12 - Tournament at Adler Elementary school in Southfield.  Remember, students need to attend three saturday tournaments to be eligible for the State tournament.

January 18 - Academic Games Fun Night - Our biggest fundraiser of the year. All parents of students expecting to attend the State Tournament are expected to volunteer.

January 18 - State tournament money and preliminary paperwork due. The cost will be $325 per student. We will have scholarship money available. More information about this tournament is posted on the right under worksheets, as well as the health form that needs to be signed and returned with the money for the tournament.
February 9 - Tournament at Crockett Academy in Detroit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions


Linguishtik Worksheets

The Lingushtik worksheets are posted on the right.  Please note that they have been revised from last year's worksheets to fit the change in Linguishtik rules at the State level.  They are due on or before Monday, January 21. All students can get up to twenty points for completion of worksheets, although total worksheet points from all games is limited to thirty.