Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Regular WFF game

Ok, here's how this will work:
-We will post a set of cubes and a goal in the post, all of our regular WFF players can take turns making moves by listing their moves in the comment section below this post. Any one can move at any time, so long as they properly introduce themselves. Every couple of moves we will post the board with all the moves made so far. Anyone can challenge at any time except after their own move.

p p p q q r r s s i i o

Permitted Premises:

Permitted Rules:


Goal: Epq

Fire Away!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Things to do over break to get ready for States

Hello All,
Hope you are enjoying all of this snow we are getting. Go outside and have some fun!
When you get back in, we have some suggestions for things you can do to get ready for the State tournament next week (or in two weeks for the 6th graders):

-Print out the Presidents packet and begin to fill them out. If enough people print them out, we may go over the answers at practice next monday.
-Print out the Propaganda cheat sheet, and use it to review all of the techniques. We will post some propaganda questions later this week to test how well you studied.
-Do problems in the WFF packet (Basic Part 1 / Basic Part 2 / Regular). Check your answers in the answer key. We are going to play a basic and a regular WFF game here via the comments section in the next couple of posts, which anyone is welcome to join.
-Go back and study your On-Sets and Equations packets. Check your answers against the answer keys (On - Sets and Equations).
-Invite a friend over, or go over to a friend's house. Studying is more fun with friends. You can also play a shake or two if you have games at home.

Let us know if you have any questions. Have fun, we'll see you next week.
Eric & Vivek

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday's Results

Team results from Friday's tournament:
Last Good Team Name - 64 points, 4.57 average
Stupid x Stupid - 65 total points, 4.33 average
Oompa Loompas - 52 points, 4.00 average
The Betterers - 59 points, 3.93 average

Overall Standings:
Last Good Team Name - 1633 points, 106.71 average
The Betterers - 1499 points, 101.47 average
Oompa Loompas - 1308 points, 99.83 average
Stupid x Stupid - 1372 total points, 96.23 average

Top players:
Shreya 132 points
Sussane 127
Chelsea 126
Renee 124
Andrew G. 123
Anthony 122
Taryn 121
Shwetha 119
Matthew 119
Caleb 119

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday at PEC

On Saturday the Clague team competed in the last tournament of the year before the State Tournament. The Clague team finished second in the Top Five, with 95 out of 100, and first in average with an average of 16.00. For the year the team won both the Top Five and Average catergories! Congratulations to the entire team for a great regular season.

Congratulations to the following players who finished with an 18 or higher:
Lorna B.
Preethi G.
Kathy P.
Richard W.
Renee Z.

Also special congratulations to the following players who attended all six tournaments this year and all finished among the top 40 players in the Region:
Andrew H.
Daniel L.
Malay M.
Amol S.
Richard W.
Chelsea Y.
Renee Z.