Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday November 21

We had our first Linguishtik tournament on Friday, with each sixth grader and new 7th and 8th grader pairing up with an experienced player to play as a team.

Friday's Tournament:
The Smurfs: 84 points, 4.50 average
Get Smart: 64 points, 4.27 average
No Names: 69 points, 4.06 average
Next Prime Suspects: 67 points, 3.72 average

Overall Standings:
No Names: 685 points, 43.35 average
Get Smart: 671 points, 43.21 average
Next Prime Suspects: 700 points, 41.40 average
The Smurfs: 712 points, 41.23 average

Top Individuals:
Wendy 54 Points
Lorna 52
Valerie 51
Jiaao 51
Topher 50
Renee 47
Shwetha 47
Chelsea 46
Miheer 46
Anthony 45
Sagar 45

Reminder that Equations worksheets are due at Monday's practice, so expect scores to take a big jump when we return from break with students being awarded points for completed work. If you can't make it to practice Monday, please give the worksheets to someone else to turn in for you. Answers to the worksheets will be posted here after the worksheets are turned in.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clague tournament results (revised)

Over 300 students showed up at the tournament at Clague on saturday, 63 from Clague.
Once again, we finished first in the Top 5 category, with a perfect score of 100 , 6 points ahead of the closest challenger. In the Average category, we finished in second place with a 15.70 average.
Individual top scores (18 or higher) included:
6th grade: Kolapo, Shalini, Malay, Harith, Amol & Alan
7th grade: Justin, Michael, Richard, Anthony & Renee
8th grade: Sharath, Ying, Jiaao, Graham, Leon, Miheer, Edith, & Zibo

Congrats to all of the students for another great tournament.
A reminder that Equations worksheets are due before Thanksgiving. At Monday's practice we begin Linguishtik.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday tournament results

A reminder about tomorrow's tournament: students need to be at Clague no later than 8:30am. We should be done by 12:30pm. We are also in need of more donated food to sell at our bake sale. Please drop it off when you drop off your students.

Friday's Tournament:

No Names: 77 points, 4.81 average
Next Prime Suspects: 80 points, 4.21 average
Get Smart: 58 points, 3.63 average
The Smurfs: 71 points, 3.55 average

Overall Standings:

No Names: 616 points, 39.29 average
Get Smart: 607 points, 38.94 average
Next Prime Suspects: 633 points, 37.68 average
The Smurfs: 628 points, 36.73 average

Top Individuals:

Wendy 49 Points
Lorna 46
Renee 45
Valerie 45
Jiaao 45
Topher 44
Chelsea 42
Shwetha 42
Edith 41
Anthony 41
Orion 41
Daniel F 41

Monday, November 3, 2008

On-Sets Challenge Match

In a challenge match, the students work with their Friday tournament teams for the first half of practice. In second half, all of the students, except the captains, are matched up into games against students from the other teams. The captains are allowed to float around from game to game and help their teammates. At the end of the night, the team with the highest average over all its players wins the match, and every player on that team receives a 6.
Tonight was our On-Sets Challenge Match, and the match was very, very close, with all four teams finishing within a quarter point of average. In other words, if any one of the 22 matches had gone the other way, the order of the teams might have completely flipped around.

The averages were as follows:
Get Smart 4.27
No Names 4.13
Next Prime Suspects 4.05
The Smurfs 4

Each member of Get Smart who was present received a six added to their Friday tournament score. Members of the No Names all got 4 points, Next Prime Suspects and Smurfs got 3 points.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Friday Tournament

A somewhat smaller crew turned out for our Friday tournament on Halloween, many ready for trick-or-treating in their costumes. To reward those who attended, we gave a 2-point bonus to all those who were there. Team and Individual standings are listed below.
A few announcements:

  • No Practice next Friday (November 6)
  • On-Sets Challenge Match on Monday
  • We need a parent willing to coordinate our Pizza/Bake sale for the November 15 Clague tournament. Please contact Eric if you are available to help.

Friday's Tournament:

No Names: 102 points, 6.38 average
The Smurfs: 91 points, 6.19 average
Next Prime Suspects: 88 points, 5.87 average
Get Smart: 47 points, 5.22 average

Overall Standings:

Get Smart: 477 points, 31.32 average
Next Prime Suspects: 485 points, 31.06 average
No Names: 489 points, 31.03 average
The Smurfs: 441 points, 30.32 average

Top Individuals:

Topher 38 Points
Renee 38
Wendy 37
Valerie 36
Chelsea 36
Shwetha 36
Edith 35
Jiaao 35
Amol 35
Lorna 35
Caleb 35