Monday, March 30, 2009

Scheduling Reminder

Just a quick note to remind everyone that there is no AG practice tonight, March 30. Our next practice will be Friday, when deposits for the national tournament will be due.
Also a reminder that next Monday night will be our parent meeting for the national tournament.

Friday, March 20, 2009

On-Sets State Champs!!

The On-Sets playoffs are complete, and Clague has won another state championship. Two Clague teams competed against a team from Detroit Bates for the title, and the Happy Meals won, finishing with 24 points to 20 for the Bates team, and 16 for the $1 Heart Attacks.

The students are now packing up, preparing for the trip back to Ann Arbor.
Congratulations to all the Clague team for another great State Tournament!!

Presidents Results

The results from yesterday's Presidents competition are in and Clague placed several teams among the top in the state:

$1 Heart Attacks 214 (out of 300) 2nd place, 23 points back
Parfe' 173 (Honorable Mention)
Happy Meals 164 (HM)
McDubblez 154 (HM)
Small Fries 138 (HM)
Mickey D's Sweet T 104
Triple Fives 97

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Linguishtik State Champs!!

The Linguishtik State Playoffs consisted on three teams, the $1 Heart Attacks, a team from Tappan, and a team from Bates. In the regular round, Clague and Tappan tied and Bates finished third. So Clague and Tappan played a one shake, sudden-death shake-off to beak the tie. Clague narrowly won, 26-24 to claim the state title.

In the Equations playoffs, the $1 Heart Attacks beat a Tappan team 29-21 in the semi-finals. In the other semi-finals, the Small Fries lost to a team from Bates 28-22. In the Equations final, teh team from Bates beat the $1 Heart Attacks 26-24 to win the State championship.

On-Sets playoffs will be tommorrow morning, and Presidents results will be posted then as well.

On-Sets Final Results

Divsion I
$1 Heart Attacks 111 (1st)
McDubblez 89 (t-3rd)

Division II
Mickey D's Sweet T 96 (2nd)
Small Fries 93 (3rd)
Triple Fives 76 (6th)

Division III
Happy Meals 108 (1st)
Parfe' 103 (3rd)

Equations Final Results

Division I
$1 Heart Attacks 111 (1st)
Mickey D's Sweet T 91 (4th)

Division II
Happy Meals 107 (2nd)
McDubblez 93 (3rd)

Division III
Parfe' 109 (2nd)
Triple Fives 87 (5th)

Division IV
Small Fries 113 (1st)

Linguishtik Final Results

Division I
$1 Heart Attacks 114 (1st place)
Small Fries 94 (3rd)
Triple Five 82 (5th)

Division II
Parfe' 100 (2nd)
McDubblez 84 (5th)

Division III
Happy Meals 108 (2nd)
Mickey D's Sweet T 86 (3rd)

The $1 Heart Attacks will advance on to the State Championship playoff, to be held this afternoon.

Wff Results, Day One

Regular Wff
Double Cheesburgers 47 (3rd)
Apple Pies 45 (4th)

Basic Wff
Division I
McChickens 39 (4th)

Division II
Side Salads 52 (2nd, 3 points back)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st Day On-Sets Results

Division I
$1 Heart Attacks 60 (1st place, seven points up)
McDubblez 46 (4th place, 3 points back of third)

Division II
Small Fries 50 (2nd place, nine points back)
Mickey D's Sweet T 47 (3rd)
Triple Fives 39 (4th place)

Division III
Happy Meals 56 (1st place, 2 points up)
Parfe' 53 (3rd)

Ling Results

Division I
$1 Heart Attacks 60 (1st, 3 points up)
Small Fries 48 (3rd)
Triple Five 28 (8th)

Division II
Mcdubblez 46 (3rd)
Parfe' 42 (4th)

Divison III
Happy Meals 57 (2nd, 1 point back)
Micky D's Sweet T 39 (4th, 9 points back of third)

Equations Two Round Results

Results from the first two rounds of EQ this afternoon:

Division I
$1 Heart Attacks 59 (1st, up by 8 points)
Mickey D's Sweet T 42 (4th)

Division II
Happy Meals 53 (1st, 3 points)
McDubblez 43 (4th)

Division III
Parfe' 56 (1st, 1 point)
Triple Five 38 (5th)

Division IV
Small Fries 53 (1st, 1 point)

Ling results coming up later.

Middle Propaganda Results

The kids have arrived and completed the first event, Propaganada. The results are as follows:

#1 Heart Attacks 76 (2nd in state, one point back)
Parfe' 75 (3rd)
Micky D's Sweet T 67 (Honorable Mention)
Small Fries 65 (HM)
McDubblez 63 (HM)
Happy Meals 59 (HM)
Triple Five 45

They are playing the first two rounds of Equations now, followed by Linguishtik, with two rounds of On-Sets after dinner. I will post more results as they come in.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Linguishtik State Champs!!

All playoffs are done now, and the kids are eating some pizza and cupcakes at a birthday party for Shalini.

In the On-Sets semi-finals, Fruit Loops played a team from Grand Rapids CA Frost and a team from Detroit Bates. The lost to the CA Frost team (the eventual state champion) 23-19 (Bates got 18).

In the Linguishtik final, they played that same team from Bates, and a team from Detroit Winterhalter. After a 30 minute round, the Fruit Loops and Bates were tied 24-24 with 12 for Winterhalter. Bates and the Fruit Loops went to a sudden death single shake playoff, where we won 4-1 to capture the Linguishtik State Championship.

Tommorrow morning we have Presidents and then will board the bus for home.

Congrats to all of our kids for a great tournament so far!

Equations State Champs!!!

In the Equations semi-finals, The Fruit Loops played a team from Detroit Bates and won 28-22. In the other semi-final, The Rice Krispies played two teams, one from Tappan, and one from Jackson. They finished with 20 points, which place them 2nd, 4 points behind Jackson, but four points ahead of Tappan.

In the State final, the Fruit Loops beat the Jackson team 27-23 to capture the state title in elementary adventurous equations.

On-Sets semifinals are going on now, Linguishtik will follow after that.

On-Sets Final Results

Division II
Rice Krispies 101 (2nd place)

Division III
Lucky Charms 88 (4th place)

Division IV
Fruit Loops 109 (1st place)

Division V
Snap, Crackle, & Pop 89 (3rd place)

Fruit advances to the playoffs, to be held after Equations playoffs.

Equations Final Results

Division I
Snap, Crackle, & Pop 83 (4th place)

Division II
Lucky Charms 81 (tied for 4th)

Division III
Fruit Loops 120 (perfect score, 1st place)

Divsion IV
Rice Krispies 113 (1st place)

The Fruit Loops and Rice Krispies will move on to the playoffs to be held later today.

Linguishtik Final Results

Division I
Fruit Loops 111 (1st in division)
Snap, Crackle, & Pop 90 (3rd place)

Division II
Rice Krispies 101 (2nd in division)

Divsion II
Lucky Charms 67 (7th in division)

The Fruit Loops now advance on to the playoffs, one round to determine the State Champion. That will be played around 4pm today.

The kids are now playing rounds three and four of Equations and will complete On-Sets after lunch.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On-Sets Rounds 1 & 2

Our last game of the day was On-Sets.

Division II
Rice Krispies 52 (tied for 1st)

Division III
Lucky Charms 43 (5th, four pts behind third)

Division IV
Fruit Loops 53 (2nd, five points behind)

Division V
Snap, Crackle, & Pop 44 (5th, one point behind third)

More results Thursday

Linguishtik Rounds 1 & 2

Results from today's Ling rounds:

Division I
Fruit Loops 51 (1st place, two points ahead)
Snap, Crackle & Pop 38 (5th palce, ten points back of third)

Division II
Rice Krispies 45 (2nd, nine points back)

Division III
Lucky Charms 35 (6th, twelve points back of 3rd)

They have finished On-Sets now and are getting ready for curfew. If we get On-Sets results tonight, we will post them.

Equations Results

The first two rounds are complete. We play two more round tomorrow, top team in each division makes the playoffs, top three teams in each division get trophies and individual medals. A perfect score for two rounds is 60.

Division I
Snap, Crackle, Pop 42 (4th place, 5 pts back of third)

Divsion II
Lucky Charms 38 (4th place, 5 points back of third)

Division III
Fruit Loops 60 (1st place, 5 points ahead)

Division IV
Rice Krispies 53 (2nd place, 1 point back)

Linguishtik and On-Sets results later

Propaganda Results

30 teams of five from througout the state competed in this morning's first event, Propaganda. Clague teams place really well, with two teams finishing 2nd and tied for 3rd in the State:

Rice Krispies 57 (2nd in State, 4 pts back of first)
Fruit Loops 54 (tied for 3rd)
Snap, Crackle, Pop 35
Lucky Charms 34

We will post more results throughout the day as we get them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Greetings from Grand Rapids

Hello from the Crowne Plaza in Grand Rapids. I am here helping to get the hotel set up for the tournament. We hope everyone gets a good night's sleep tonight, and we will see many of you tomorrow.

Check back here for updates over the next three days.