Monday, January 11, 2016

January Tournament in Ypsilanti

54 Clague players were amongst competitors from 17 schools at the fifth Saturday Tournament this weekend at Ypsilanti Community Middle School.  Clague led the way in team average, total points, top five, and number of competitors.

Clague players with top scores (18 or higher) included Elizabeth L., Matthew R., Gerald K., Rhea C., Candace J., Phoebe Y., Rafid F., Avani G., Benjamin R., James X., Raayan B., Derek Z., Daniel M., Alexandra V., Bhaavna Y., and Jonathan K.

The award is fictional, but the achievement is real.
59 Clague students have now attended at least 3 Saturday Tournaments to prepare for the State Tournaments in March.

Eleven Clague students have attended all 5 Saturday Tournaments so far this year.  How many will attend all six tournaments for the year and therefore qualify for the Cube Ripken award?  Find out on February 6, when the last tournament of the 2015/16 year is held at Amerman Elementary school in Northville.