Monday, May 2, 2011

Nationals, Third Results for Elementary

Today's competitions included the final two rounds of Equtions, Propaganda and Presidents as well as Equations playoffs.

A+ = @ 444 points, 10th place
Rugrats 418 points, 13th place
Duleing Dragons 340 points, 29th place

Rugrats 536 points, 3rd place
A+=@ 418 points, 12th place
Duleing Dragons 276 points, 31st place

Individual --
Justin S., 130 points, 2nd in the country
Oliver B. 124 points, 7th in the country

Sec B
Dueling Dragons 100, 2nd in section

Sec C
Rugrats 111, 1st in section

Sec E
A+ = @ 113, 1st in section

Playoffs -- Rugrats and A+ advanced to the playoffs, where they both won their semi-final matches against teams from Louisiana and Detroit. In the national championship final, Rugrats finished first, a team from Florida finished second, and A+ finished third.

Individuals -- The following students got perfect Equations scores:
Richard Z.
Grace L
Jessica C.