Friday, January 7, 2011

Ling Challenge Match Results

Welcome back from break! We held our Ling challenge match on Monday. First place went to the Giant Midgets with an average score of 4.7. The Pretty Pink Trashcans finished second with 4.4, the No Names third with 3.9 and the Indestructible Cabbages had a 3.35.

Yearly standings:
Pretty Pink Trashcans 1,145 points 86.95 average
Giant Midgets 965, 73.16
Indestructible Cabbages 1,073, 68.51
No Names 1,063, 64.89

Top Individuals:
Susanne S. 100 pts
Oliver B. 98
Livia B.-W. 98
Jesse C. 95
Matthew S. 95
Shreya M. 93
Justin S. 89
Luke C. 87
Miela F. 87
Preethi G. 87
Natsume O. 87

Ling worksheets have been posted at the right, they will be due by February 4. 8th graders are eligible to receive points for all clause and phrase worksheets only. They can also turn in propaganda and presidents questions for points.