Monday, May 2, 2011

Nationals, Second Day Results for Elementary

Today we played the first two rounds of Propaganda, and the second two rounds of On-Sets and Linguishtik and team playoffs for both of those games.

Rugrats 276 points 8th place, 8 points back of 7th
A+ = @ 270 points, 11th place
Duleing Dragons 220, 24th place

Section C
Rugrats 108, 1st place

Section D
A+=@ 98 points, tied for 1st

Playoffs -- Both teams advanced to a six team playoff with three, two-team semifinal matches leading to a three team national championship final. Both teams won their semi-final easily over teams from Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana (near New Orleans) and Palm Beach County Florida. In the national championship final, they played against a team from Indian River County in Florida and finished second (Rugrats) and third (A+), by a score of 22 (IR) to 20 (rugrats) to 18 (A+).
Congrats to our national second and third place teams.

Section A
A+ = @ 107 points, 1st place

Section B
Rugrats 105 points, 1st place

Section C
Dueling Dragons 86 points, 5th place

Playoffs -- A+ = @ and the Rugrats advacned to a three team playoff for the national championship with a team from the Detroit charter school, Plymouth Educational Center, and The Rugrats came out on top with 24 points and A+ finished second with 23 points.
Congrats to our national runners-up and national champions from Clague!!

There are no individual playoffs in the elementary division, but the students with perfect 24s are honored as undefeated players.
The Linguishtik perfect scores included:
Ji Ho H.
Grace L.

The On-Sets perfect scores included:
Livia B-W.
Jesse C.
Richard Z.

Congrats to all of our players for their impressive showing thus far in the national tournament.