Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter Break Status update

Hello All,

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable winter break.  I wanted to provide a little status update.  When practice resumes next week, we will begin preparations in earnest for the State tournament in March.  I will email a letter later this week providing details for the tournament.  The cost per student this year for the tournament will be $335.  This includes registration, room, board, meals, and transportation to and from the tournament.  We will have limited scholarship money available.

Some important dates coming up in early January:
Saturday January 11 - Saturday tournament
Monday January 13 - Linguishtik worksheets due.  Presidents and Propaganda questions from 8th graders due.
Friday January 17 - State tournament money and health form due
Monday January 20 - No practice
Tuesday January 21 - Special practice, State tournament teams announced.

Please note we also have an Academic Games sponsored fun night coming up (more details coming really soon).  This is our big fundraiser for the year, and we ask all Academic Games parents to volunteer at the Fun Night.

I will post some info detailing the Propaganda techniques we learned before break and some that we are going to learn right after break.  I have also posted a set of Presidents worksheets on the right.  No points will be awarded for these, but they are a very useful study tool.  I would also recommend everyone take a look at AGLOA.org, the official national AG website.  They have a section called online learning that has both Presidents and Propaganda quizzes.

Only 64 more days until States!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Challenge Match results

By request, the results of the challenge matches:

We Love Pi 3.94
Bob Lee's Pizza Delivery Service 4.07
Rated Ag-13 4.25
Raisin Brains 3.80

As a result, every member of Rated Ag-13 who was present tonight will get a 6 added to their Friday tournament scores, Bob Lee's players will get 4s, We Love Pi 3s Raisin Brains 2s.

Last practice of the year on Friday.  We will play another round of Ling, our usual Presidents Progression and maybe start learning Propaganda.  Reminder that On-Sets worksheets are due on Friday.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A group of collective nouns

I came across this great list of animal congregations and thought it might be of some use to our budding Linguishtik players.

Also, the Elementary Ling packet has been posted on the right.  Although it is not due until after winter break, it would be very helpful to print out the worksheets as we learn all of these things in practice.  Middle Ling packet will be posted this coming weekend.