Saturday, October 25, 2008

On-Sets Friday & EQ Worksheets

Our first On-Sets Friday Tournament saw the Next Prime Suspects with a dominating performance, averaging almost 5 points per player.

Next Prime Suspects: 83 points, 4.83 average
No Names: 78 points, 4.33 average
The Smurfs: 77 points, 3.85 average
Get Smart: 54 points, 3.38 average

Overall Standings:
Get Smart: 430 points, 26.09 average
Next Prime Suspects: 397 points, 25.19 average
No Names: 387 points, 24.66 average
The Smurfs: 350 points, 24.13 average

Top Individuals:
Wendy 31 points
Topher 30
Renee 30
Valerie 30
Brenna 30
Michael 29
Amol 28
Chelsea 28

We also passed out the Elementary EQ packets to the 6th graders. 7th and 8th graders will get theirs on Monday. Worksheets are due before Thanksgiving break. For every page completed, students will get one point added to their Friday tournament score, regardless of the number of problems they get correct. The idea is to reward effort. Students are encourage to bring their worksheet packet with them to all practices, as we will often have times when they can work on them with other students.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday at Bates

For the second straight month, we won the tournament, finishing first in both the Top 5 and Average categories. In Top 5, we got a perfect 100 score, 4 points ahead of the closest challenger. We finished with a 15.98 average, a full point better than the 2nd place team.
Individual top scores (18 or higher) included:
6th grade: Julie, Brenna, Deniz, Max, Malay, Conrad, Orion, & Topher
7th & 8th grade: Sagar, Lorna, Caleb, Andrew G., Sylvia, Andy N., Valerie, & Acer

Congrats to all of the students for another great tournament. At Monday's practice we begin On-Sets.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday tournament results

Team results from Friday's tournament:

No Names - 74 points, 4.62 average
Next Prime Suspects - 69 points, 4.06 average
The Smurfs - 72 total points, 3.80 average
Get Smart - 67 points, 3.72 average

Overall Standings:

Get Smart - 376 points, 22.72 average
No Names - 300 points, 20.53 average
The Smurfs - 273 total points, 20.28 average
Next Prime Suspects - 321 points, 20.16 average

Top players:
Wendy 29 points
Topher 26
Anthony 25
Renee 25
Valerie 25
Brenna 24
Luke 24
Young 24
Deniz 24

We look forward to seeing all of you at the tournament at Bates tomorrow

Monday, October 13, 2008

Parents Night

Thanks to all the parents and students who attended Parents Night tonight.

A few items from the meeting:

-Game Order Forms are linked at the left. They are due before the November tournament, and games will be distributed after Thanksgiving.
-Phone lists were distributed. I will make revisions to the list and pass out at practice.
-We plan to have a bake sale / pizza sale at the November tournament at Clague. We still need someone who would be willing to coordinate our volunteer efforts on the 15th. Please contact me if you are interested.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday tournament results

Team results from Friday's tournament:

Next Prime Suspects - 82 points, 5.15 average
No Names - 67 points, 5.15 average
Get Smart - 70 points, 4.67 average
The Smurfs - 63 total points, 4.31 average

Remember that next Monday is Parents Night, where students bring their parents to practice and teach them how to play Equations. Brothers, Sisters, and other family members are also welcome to attend. We do ask, however, that students not attend practice if they cannot bring their parents.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Equations Challenge Match

In a challenge match, the students work with their Friday tournament teams for the first half of practice. In second half, all of the students, except the captains, are matched up into games against students from the other teams. The captains are allowed to float around from game to game and help their teammates. At the end of the night, the team with the highest average over all its players wins the match, and every player on that team receives a 6.

Tonight was our Equations Challenge Match. The averages were as follows:
Get Smart 4.37
Next Prime Suspects 4.01
The Smurfs 3.95
No Names 3.31

So each member of Get Smart who was present received a six added to their Friday tournament score. Next Prime Suspect and Smurf players all got 4, the No Names 2.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday tournament results

Team results from Friday's tournament:

The Smurfs - 86 total points, 4.30 average
No Names - 68 points, 4.25 average
Next Prime Suspects - 65 points, 3.82 average
Get Smart - 63 points, 3.70 average

After the tournament, the kids worked on two worksheets, one for the elementary students, and one for the middle students.

We also announced that next Monday will be our first challenge match of the year, and Monday September 13 will be our annual Parents Night.