Monday, February 27, 2017

State Tournaments Are Here

The State Tournament season is finally here!   The tournaments will be held in Grand Rapids March 1-3 for 6th graders and March 8-10 for 7th and 8th graders.   Tonight the team had their last practice together before the tournament. 

See our earlier blog entry for an outline of how the state tournament works. 

Remember at the State Tournament students compete in teams of five.  Clague will be sending six teams each week.  Obviously we will all be rooting for all twelve Clague teams, but if you have someone special you want to follow, find out what their team name is so you can see how they're doing on twitter @clagueag or on instagram @eric_nelson_ag 

All competition at the State Tournament is the team (the team, the team), so you will not see any individual scores. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Practice Time Changes: State Tournament Ahead

The Clague team is looking forward to the State Tournaments happening in Grand Rapids in March.  Due to those tournaments and the school calendar there are a few changes for the weeks ahead.

  • This Friday (February 17) practice goes ahead as usual
  • Next week there is no school (and no practice) on Monday (February 20).  We will have a makeup practice for those who can make it the evening of Wednesday, February 22 and our normal practice time on Friday, February 24.  
  • Monday, February 27 is the last practice before states and it is important that those going to states be there, since it is our chance to prepare as a group for the tournaments.  
  • The "elementary" (6th grade) tournament is March 1-3.  Since most of the coaches and games will be in Grand Rapids, there is no practice on Friday, March 3.
  • Monday, March 6 the 6th graders get the practice day off after a busy tournament: the March 6 practice is for Middles (7th/8th grade) only.  
  • The "middle" (7th/8th grade) tournament is March 8-10, so for the same reason as above there is no practice on Friday, March 10

February's Saturday Tournament

Clague finished up the year of Saturday tournaments with a successful trip to Fenton last Saturday in which a total of 159 students participated.

Clague led the way in team average and top five, and top Clague performers (scores of 18 or higher) included Kaan, Derek, Ismael, Darius, Alfredo, Alex, Kristian, Kaiwen, and Matthew.

There are six Saturday tournaments during the school year, running from September through February.  Six Clague players competed in all six tournaments: Natalie, Jerry L, Alfredo, Nana, Aarnav, and Derek.  Congratulations to all who competed in the AG spirit of friendly and fair competition.

Our next stop in competition is Grand Rapids, where the State Tournaments will occur in March.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January's Saturday Tournament

The penultimate Saturday tournament of the year was held on January 21 in Utica.  170 students from 16 schools took part.  Congratulations to all who competed. 

Clague had a successful competition.  Clague narrowly won in team average over Meads Mill (15.52 to 15.38), and Meads Mill returned the favor by winning Top Five 97 to 96. 

Top Clague results (18 or higher) included Natalie, Nana, Jason, Yaseen, Caleb, Simon, and Raayan. 

Seven Clague players have attended all five tournaments so far this year.   How many will complete the set by attending all six Saturday tournaments?   Find out next week as the last Saturday tournament of the 2016/17 season is played at Fenton High School on February 11.