Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wff first day scores

Regular Wff 'N Proof (only one division)

Mystery, Inc. 54 points, t-1st
Scooby Snacks 48 points, 3rd, four points ahead.

Because of the division size, Regular Wff will only play three rounds total. Mystery Inc. plays the team they are tied with for the State Championship tomorrow. Scooby Snacks plays the fourth place team for third place.

Basic Wff (two divsions)

Division I
Mystery Machine 49 points (in two rounds), -9 from first, -1 from second

Division II
Those Meddling Kids 26 points (in one round)

The basic Wff divisions will play five rounds, with each team sitting out one round. Mystery Machine will play two round tomorrow, while Those Meddling Kids will play three rounds tomorrow.