Monday, May 2, 2011

Nationals, Third Results for Middle

Awesome People's Team 480 points, 20th place
The Legitimate Walruses 466 points, 21st place
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 464 points, 22nd place

Awesome People's Team 628 points, tied for third in the nation
The Legitimate Walruses 562 points, 9th place
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 484 points, 16th place

Individual --
Claire F. 142 points, 2nd in country
Shreya M. 138 points, tied for 6th

Section A
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 108 1st in division

Section C
Awesome People's Team 112, 1st in division

Section E
The Legitimate Walruses 103, tied for 2nd in division

Awesome and Bob Lee advanced to the playoffs. Awesome lost in their semi-final by two points to a team from Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana, while Bob Lee advanced to the national championship match, where they lost by four points to a team from Grand Rapids.

Individual-- The following players got perfect scores but were defeated in the playoffs before the final match:
Shreya M.
Shalini L.
Luke C.

The On-Sets final from yesterday is still to be played (Luke C. and Susanne S) and the announcement of the overall sweepstakes winner will come tonight at the awards ceremony.