Monday, May 2, 2011

Nationals, Second Day Results for Middle

Here are results for the second day of competitions for the 7th and 8th graders:

The Awesome People's Team 284 points 19th place
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 278 points 20th place
The Legitimate Walruses 258 points, 26th place

Section A
The Legitimate Walruses 83, 5th place

Section B
Awesome People's Team 106, 1st place

Section C
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 108 points, 1st place

Playoffs - Awesome People's Team and Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge advanced to the national championship round where the Awesome People's team won the national championship by two points over Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge, who finished second the country!!

Section A
Awesome People's Team 120 , 1st place

Section B
Bob Lee's Penguin Refuge 116 1st place

Section C
The Legitimate Walruses 97, tied for 2nd

Playoffs-- The Awesome People's team both advanced to the national semifinals. Bob Lee's team lost in the semi-final match, while the Awesome People's team advanced to the final where they played one team from Grand Rapids, and one from Indian River County in Florida. In the final, Awesome People's team won easily, 24-20-16 to bring the Middle Linguishtik national championship back to Ann Arbor again!

Individual Playoffs
In the middle division, any player with a perfect 24 in the regular rounds advanced to a multi-level playoff to determine the individual national championship.
In Linguishtik the following players get perfect scores but were eliminated in the first or second round of the playoffs:
Luke C
Shalini L
Shreya M
Conrad P
Susanne S
Topher W

Two players made it to the final , and Claire F finished second in the country, and Shwetha R won the national title in Linguishtik, her first career individual title!

In On-Sets, four players got perfect scores, but due to the length of a semi-final match (14 sudden death shakes) the final was not played tonight.
The following players lost in the semi final matches:
Topher W
Shalini L

The following two players will play tomorrow, along with a student from Grand Rapids, MI for the national championship:
Luke C
Sussanne S

Congrats to all of our students for their great success so far