Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Due to the snow day toady, there will be no Academic Games practice this afternoon. On-Sets worksheets that were due today can be turned in after the winter break. Additionally, I will post the Elementary and Middle Ling packets here over the weekend. Those will be due in mid to late January.

To tide you over, a round worth of propaganda examples from section A. Leave your answers in the comments. i will post the suggested answers there before the end of the weekend.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and peaceful winter break, and we will see you in the new year.

1) I don't know whether that statement is "prejudice" or "tabloid Thinking," so I'll pass on this one.

2)Assistant Football Coach: "I would like to show you some new plays I came up with"
Head Football Coach: "I'm not interested in new plays. we haven't changed a play in ten years, and we've done ok."

3)Tin Man: "But suppose the Wizard doesn't give me a heart?"
Dorthy: "Oh, but he must; we've come so far."

4)Mrs. Pratt knows she was rationalizing. Before we criticize Mrs. Pratt, we should ask ourselves if maybe we rationalize sometimes too.

5)The rioting by Catholics in Northern Ireland is a direct result of the government allowing Protestants to march through the Catholic neighborhood.

6)Superintendent Mollie Pitchford: "I am not going to appoint Ronald Brown as principal of Adams High School. All these men think of is sports, and they pamper the coaches.

7)We have already sent 150,000 troops to Iraq. We have committed ourselves. If things worsen, we will have to send more.

8)So what if I didn't pay taxes on my second job? My employer didn't declare me as an employee of his firm.

9)Buying a house in Beverly Hills is easy. All you need is a lawyer, a real estate agent, and a winning lottery ticket.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday Tournament Results

At Saturday's tournament at Detroit McNair, 37 students from the Clague team competed in our monthly regional tournament. Once again, we finished first in the Top 5 category, with a score of 99 , 10 points ahead of the closest challenger. We also finished first in the Average category, with a 15.46 average. For the year, Clague is first in both categories, leading top 5 by 20 points, and average by about 0.32

Individual top scores (18 or higher) included:
6th grade: Shwetha & Topher
7th grade: Jillian, Andy N., Kevin Y. & Renee
8th grade: Sagar, Daniel F., Valerie & Edith

Congrats to all of the students for another great tournament.A reminder that On-Sets worksheets are due before Winter break.

Friday Tournament results, Dec 12

At our Ling tournament on Friday, we played two rounds, with students keeping their best score from the two rounds. Students who earned two sixes got a bonus point.

Friday's Tournament:
No Names: 91 points, 5.35 average
Get Smart: 85 points, 5.31 average
Next Prime Suspects: 75 points, 5.00 average
The Smurfs: 76 points, 4.82 average

Overall Standings:
No Names: 1090 points, 66.35 average
Get Smart: 949 points, 60.12 average
Next Prime Suspects: 1035 points, 59.96 average
The Smurfs: 980 points, 56.29 average

Top Individuals:
Shwetha 86 Points
Lorna 81
Renee 81
Alan X. 80
Andrew G. 80
Luke 79
Caleb 77
Chelsea 76
Anthony 75
Wendy 74

Monday, December 8, 2008

Linguishtik Challenge Match

In a challenge match, the students work with their Friday tournament teams for the first half of practice. In second half, all of the students, except the captains, are matched up into games against students from the other teams. The captains are allowed to float around from game to game and help their teammates. At the end of the night, the team with the highest average over all its players wins the match, and every player on that team receives a 6.

Tonight was our Ling Challenge Match, and the battles for first and third were very close, with a large gap separating the top two teams from the bottom two teams.
The averages were as follows:
No Names 4.67
Next Prime Suspects 4.54
The Smurfs 3.67
Get Smart 3.57

Each member of the No Names who was present received a six added to their Friday tournament score. Members of the Next Prime Suspects all got 5 points, The Smurfs 3 points, and Get Smart 2 points each.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday, December 5

We had our second Linguishtik tournament on Friday. Results are listed below. Overall standings also include points earned from Equations worksheets. Answers are posted on the side. Also posted on the side are the On-Sets worksheets which were passed out on Monday. They are due before winter break. Students may complete any ten pages of the On-Sets worksheets for credit.

Finally, a reminder that our next tournament will be this coming saturday at McNair middle school in Detroit. As per usual, all students should be there by 8:30 am at the latest.

Friday's Tournament:
Next Prime Suspects: 74 points, 4.35 average
Get Smart: 68 points, 4.25 average
The Smurfs: 63 points, 3.83 average
No Names: 63 points, 3.71 average

Overall Standings:
No Names: 903 points, 55.66 average
Get Smart: 834 points, 53.05 average
Next Prime Suspects: 890 points, 51.27 average
The Smurfs: 859 points, 49.06 average

Top Individuals:
Lorna 75 Points
Shwetha 73
Renee 69
Anthony 69
Alan 69
Andrew G. 68
Luke 67
Chelsea 66
Caleb 66
Wendy 65