Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday and Saturday Tournament Results

Friday's Ling Tournament:
Get Smart 65, 4.06 average
Next Prime Suspects 61, 4.36 avg
Smurfs 60, 4.00 avg
No Names 58, 4.14 avg

No Names 1261, 76.77 average
Next Prime Suspects 1193, 69.42 avg
Get Smart 1096, 69.01 avg
Smurfs 1156, 66.39 avg

24 students braved the snow to attend the tournament at the inappropriately named Winterhalter school. We finished with a 91 Top 5, which placed us second, and a 15.33 average, which was best in the tournament. For the year, we lead top 5 by 13 points, and average by .84 points.
High scorers at the tournament were:
Topher, Andrew, Deniz, Jiaao, Graham, & Harith.

New postings:
I have posted the Elem and Middle Ling packet, along with the answer key for the On-Sets worksheets. The Ling packet will be due by January 30.