Friday, January 23, 2009

Presidents Clues

A quick reminder that Ling packets, Presidents questions and Prop Examples are due next Friday.

As I mentioned at practice, after each practice I will post some presidents clues. If you find out the president, type it up, and bring it to the next practice, I'll add a point to your next friday tournament. Explain the clues a little, and you'll get two points. So for example, if the clue was "The Louisiana Purchase", you'd get one point for knowing Jefferson was the president when we purchased it, and you get an additional point for knowing who we purchased it from (France), how much we paid ($15 million dollars, or less than 3 cents per acre), or what land it encompassed (part or all of 15 different states).

So the clues for next Friday, January 30:

1)Brown vs Board of Education
2)Polio vaccine discovered
3)Sputnik launched
4)1st president to run a TV commercial

Good luck, see you on Friday