Saturday, January 31, 2009

Presidents Clues

Our first attempt at online presidents study was moderately successful, with about a dozen students getting points for discovering the identity of the president that matched the following clues:
1)Brown vs Board of Education
2)Polio vaccine discovered
3)Sputnik launched
4)1st president to run a TV commercial

The correct answer was Dwight Eisenhower, #34. For more information about Ike, I refer you to the Wikipedia article on him. I've also linked other articles dealing with the clues above.

The clues for Monday evening's practice are listed below. I will post more clues later in the week for Friday, so there are multiple opportunities to earn points. Reember that to earn a point, students only need to bring the presidents's name written or typed on a sheet of paper in. If they explain the clues in any manner, they get two points.

Clues for Monday:
1) U.S. invaded Grenada
2) Only president to be a president of a union
3) Fired the nation's air traffic controllers
4) Strategic Defense Initive (SDI)

Good luck!