Sunday, April 5, 2009

Presidents Assignment

On Friday at practice the students were given an assignment in Presidents that is due Friday April 17. Each student drew a president's name out of a hat (actually a game box) and needs to compile a list of facts about that president. The finished product should not be in report format, but instead should just be a listing of facts. The facts should be typed in a word document and emailed to me by the 17th. I will then compile the reports and turn it into a giant "cheat sheet" that students can use to study shortly before and on the way down to nationals. The assignment sheet is here, and the assignments are as follows:

Acer: Truman (33)
Alan: Reagan (40)
Andrew: Coolidge (30)
Anthony: Clinton (42)
Caleb: GW Bush (43)
Chelsea: T. Roosevelt (26)
Daniel: Kennedy (35)
Edith: Carter (39)
Graham: Taft (27)
Jiaao: Hoover (31)
Keeley: Nixon (37)
Lorna: Eisenhower (34)
Miheer: GHW Bush (41)
Mike: Ford (38)
Patrick: McKinley (25)
Richard: Harding (29)
Renee: Reagan (40)
Sagar: FD Roosevelt (32)
Sherry Z: Johnson (36)
Valerie: Johnson (36)
Ying: Wilson (28)

Amol: T. Roosevelt (26)
Andrew H: Clinton (42)
Benjamin: Harding (29)
Conrad: Nixon (37)
Deniz: Carter (39)
Luke: Taft (27)
Malay: Kennedy (35)
Orion: Truman (33)
Shalini: FD Roosevelt (32)
Shwetha: GHW Bush (41)
Topher: Coolidge (30)