Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everybody had a great breakfast and then went straight for two rounds of Ling at 8 am. Presidents (25-34) started at 10 am. The kids enjoyed their lunch at noon and then went for two rounds of Equations at 1 pm. They had some free time from 3 to 4:30. Some kids just chilled out in their room and some had a fun and challenging football game with a local team in the field behind the hotel. They cooled off by running through the fountains nearby. Dinner was at 5 pm. They are currently in the first two rounds of Onsets.

First day results (for rounds 1 and 2) for Elementary:

Ling -

Section A - Piece of Pi: 45 (3rd place, 9 points behind 1st place);
Section C - PPOP:45 (3rd place, 9 points behind 1st place);

Equations -

Section C - Piece of Pi: 48 (1st place, tie)
Section A - PPOP:53 (2nd place, 3 points behind the 1st);

Presidents (25 -34) - Piece of Pi: 114
PPOP: 188

First day results (for rounds 1 and 2) for Middle:

Ling -

Section A - Namewithlessthan25letters: 50 (2nd place, 10 points behind 1st)
Section B - Arrrrrrriba: 56 (1st place, tie with another Clague team: 1/2y5 Striped Elephante)
Section C - Ummmmmmmmmm: 55 (1st place, 1 point ahead)

Equations -

Section A - Arrrrrriba: 52 (1st place, 3 points ahead)
Section B - Striped Elephante: 47 (3rd place, 4 points back from 1st)
Section D - Ummmmmmm: 51 (1st place, 4 points ahead)
Section E - 25letters: 46 (4th place, 4 points behind from 1st place)

Presidents - Ummmmmm: 220, Striped Elephante: 182, Arrrrrriba: 156,
25letters: 92

We are looking forward to a busy and fun Sunday with 3rd and 4th rounds of Ling and Onsets, Prop (A & C), Ling and Onsets playoffs, and some fun activities at Market Square.