Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alumni Help

Several of our Clague AG alumni would like to share some of their tips and tricks with the team for use down at Nationals. First up is Lena J. with some Ling strategies for Middle:

Infinitive Phrase + Gerund Phrase
• Wanting to ___________ is weird.
• He likes wanting to ___________.

Infinitive Phrase + Participial Phrase
• The person wanting to _________ is weird.

Infinitive Clause + Gerund Phrase
• Wanting the person to __________ is weird.
• He like wanting the person to _____________.

Infinitive Clause + Participial Phrase
• The person wanting him to ___________ is weird.

Adjective Phrase + Adverb Phrase
• … the idea of thinking about _________ …

-Note that some of these examples don't use a clause, so they can be used in Simple or Compound sentences

Infinitive as
• Subject – To swim is weird.
• DO – I like to swim.
• Adj. Modifier – He was happy to swim.
• Adv. Modifier – He learned enough to swim.

Progressive without -ing
• He was being eaten.
• He is being eaten.
• He will be being eaten.