Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Saturday Tournament at Jackson Northeast

This Saturday 45 members of the Clague team were part of over 200 players at the Saturday Tournament in Jackson.  Clague once again led the way in Top Five and Total Points but came in second in Team Average to that impressive new team down the road at Thurston.  Congratulations to all who participated with Clague and with other teams, and thanks to our Jackson hosts for telling us where to find the good donut shop after the competition.

Top Clague scores (18 or higher) include James X., Ben Z., Derek H., Elizabeth L, Daniel H., Kristian P., Eli S., Zihao W., Jin L., Amy X., Daniel M., Avani H., Candace J., and Darius A.

This was the 4th Saturday Tournament of the 6 held during the school year.  A special salute to the 17 Clague team members who have competed in all four.  We expect players to participate in at least three of the Saturday Tournaments if they intend to compete at the State Tournaments in March in Grand Rapids. 

The fifth Saturday Tournament is at Ypsilanti Community Middle School on January 9.