Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Saturday Tournament at Gompers: Halfway to States

42 Clague students were part of about 200 students competing last Saturday at Detroit’s Gompers Elementary-Middle School.   Clague led the way with a 16.71 average.  A salute to the new team down the road from Clague – Thurston Elementary’s new Academic Games team placed third in team average!  Congratulations to all who competed.

Top Clague scores (18 or higher) include Matthew R., Dan W., Scott B., Gerald K., Eli S., Angie Z., Derek Z., Young Seo L., Max M., Elizabeth L., Darius A., Brian W., Joey O., Jerry L., Jerry C., Kristian P., Zach N., Karinne T., and Eric Z.  

This is the third of the six monthly Saturday Tournaments which lead up to “States” – the Super Tournaments in March.  Clague expects those who want to compete at States to prepare by competing in at least three Saturday tournaments.   24 Clague students have competed in all three Saturday tournaments so far.  

The next Saturday tournament is at Jackson Northeast on December 12.