Thursday, March 19, 2009

Linguishtik State Champs!!

The Linguishtik State Playoffs consisted on three teams, the $1 Heart Attacks, a team from Tappan, and a team from Bates. In the regular round, Clague and Tappan tied and Bates finished third. So Clague and Tappan played a one shake, sudden-death shake-off to beak the tie. Clague narrowly won, 26-24 to claim the state title.

In the Equations playoffs, the $1 Heart Attacks beat a Tappan team 29-21 in the semi-finals. In the other semi-finals, the Small Fries lost to a team from Bates 28-22. In the Equations final, teh team from Bates beat the $1 Heart Attacks 26-24 to win the State championship.

On-Sets playoffs will be tommorrow morning, and Presidents results will be posted then as well.