Thursday, March 12, 2009

Linguishtik State Champs!!

All playoffs are done now, and the kids are eating some pizza and cupcakes at a birthday party for Shalini.

In the On-Sets semi-finals, Fruit Loops played a team from Grand Rapids CA Frost and a team from Detroit Bates. The lost to the CA Frost team (the eventual state champion) 23-19 (Bates got 18).

In the Linguishtik final, they played that same team from Bates, and a team from Detroit Winterhalter. After a 30 minute round, the Fruit Loops and Bates were tied 24-24 with 12 for Winterhalter. Bates and the Fruit Loops went to a sudden death single shake playoff, where we won 4-1 to capture the Linguishtik State Championship.

Tommorrow morning we have Presidents and then will board the bus for home.

Congrats to all of our kids for a great tournament so far!