Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday November 21

We had our first Linguishtik tournament on Friday, with each sixth grader and new 7th and 8th grader pairing up with an experienced player to play as a team.

Friday's Tournament:
The Smurfs: 84 points, 4.50 average
Get Smart: 64 points, 4.27 average
No Names: 69 points, 4.06 average
Next Prime Suspects: 67 points, 3.72 average

Overall Standings:
No Names: 685 points, 43.35 average
Get Smart: 671 points, 43.21 average
Next Prime Suspects: 700 points, 41.40 average
The Smurfs: 712 points, 41.23 average

Top Individuals:
Wendy 54 Points
Lorna 52
Valerie 51
Jiaao 51
Topher 50
Renee 47
Shwetha 47
Chelsea 46
Miheer 46
Anthony 45
Sagar 45

Reminder that Equations worksheets are due at Monday's practice, so expect scores to take a big jump when we return from break with students being awarded points for completed work. If you can't make it to practice Monday, please give the worksheets to someone else to turn in for you. Answers to the worksheets will be posted here after the worksheets are turned in.