Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clague tournament results (revised)

Over 300 students showed up at the tournament at Clague on saturday, 63 from Clague.
Once again, we finished first in the Top 5 category, with a perfect score of 100 , 6 points ahead of the closest challenger. In the Average category, we finished in second place with a 15.70 average.
Individual top scores (18 or higher) included:
6th grade: Kolapo, Shalini, Malay, Harith, Amol & Alan
7th grade: Justin, Michael, Richard, Anthony & Renee
8th grade: Sharath, Ying, Jiaao, Graham, Leon, Miheer, Edith, & Zibo

Congrats to all of the students for another great tournament.
A reminder that Equations worksheets are due before Thanksgiving. At Monday's practice we begin Linguishtik.