Thursday, February 2, 2017

January's Saturday Tournament

The penultimate Saturday tournament of the year was held on January 21 in Utica.  170 students from 16 schools took part.  Congratulations to all who competed. 

Clague had a successful competition.  Clague narrowly won in team average over Meads Mill (15.52 to 15.38), and Meads Mill returned the favor by winning Top Five 97 to 96. 

Top Clague results (18 or higher) included Natalie, Nana, Jason, Yaseen, Caleb, Simon, and Raayan. 

Seven Clague players have attended all five tournaments so far this year.   How many will complete the set by attending all six Saturday tournaments?   Find out next week as the last Saturday tournament of the 2016/17 season is played at Fenton High School on February 11.