Sunday, February 14, 2016

Last Saturday Tournament of 2015/16 Held In Northville

19 Clague students participated in the final Saturday tournament of the 2015/16 year.  The tournament was held at Amerman Elementary in Northville.

Clague's 93 was good for the best Top Five score.  Congratulations both to that impressive new team from Fenton who took the Team Average title, and hosts Amerman who won Total Points and Most Competitors.  

Top Clague scores (18 or higher) included Jasmine X., Zach N., Aarnav U., Jerry L., and John C.

Clague was missing a number of our multi-talented players participating in the Solo & Ensemble festival in Ann Arbor that day, so the Cube Ripken award for participating in all six tournaments this year is not only unreal, but also unclaimed.  Clague did have 18 students attend five of the six tournaments this year, so congratulations to those winners of the Five-Sided Cube Award.

Those 18 players are part of the 66 Clague players who attended at least three tournaments this year and have prepared for the State Super Tournaments in Grand Rapids coming up in early March.