Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mid Winter Break Quiz #2

Answers for our previous quiz:
EQ - 80 x 21 = 40 x 42 = 8x7x6x5 = 8!/4!

OS - (R' intersect B')'

Ling - He waved because he saw someone.

EQ - ((5^3)/2) ^ (1^7)

OS - B subset V

Ling - He likes running the race.

Basic WFF - Cps, Kpq / Ko(R), Co(R), Ai
(see if you can write the proof that goes with that solution)

Regular WFF - Eps, Ns, p / R, Eo (R), Co, No
(check the Wff packet for the proof that goes with this solution

New Quiz
EQ - Goal 37 * 17
Variations - MOP, + = ave, xprime
Find a solution using only three cubes

OS - Is setting a negative goal an illegal procedure or a Never?

Ling - What's the best way to make the game difficult for your opponents if you are the third player?

EQ - Goal 5 % 40
Variations OW, %, !
Find a three cube solution without using a divide

OS - What goal and restriction would make any set name equal the goal?

Ling -
Objective Case

WFF - Explain the difference between Required in Equations and Required in Wff.