Monday, September 30, 2013

First Saturday Tournament

64 Students from the Clague AG team participated in the first tournament of the year this past weekend, a warm-up tournament held at Clague.  189 students from 7 different teams participated in the event.  Clague finished the tournament with an average of 14.09 per player, good for second in the tournament (first place was 14.57, third place was 13.89) and with a Top Five of 94 (perfect is 100), also good for second place (first place was 96, third was 83).

Top scorers from the Clague team included:
Tao C.
Carmen G.
Joseph L.
Zach N.
Eileen S.
Allen W.
Grace Z.
Kristine Z.

Congrats to all the Clague students for a good start to the season.  Our next tournament is October 19 at Huron High School.