Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday Tournament Results

We had our next to the last Friday tournament yesterday.

Friday's Tournament:
Get Smart 60 points, 4.29 average
Smurfs 63, 4.20 avg
No Names 46, 4.18 avg
Next Prime Suspects 45, 3.46 avg

No Names 1591 points, 98.35 average
Next Prime Suspects 1576, 93.10 avg
Get Smart 1393, 89.69 avg
Smurfs 1615, 89.32 avg

Next Friday is our last Friday tournament of the year (we will continue to practice on Fridays after States), and it's a double tournament, with a round of Presidents, and a couple of rounds of Propaganda. Please note that I am going to post Presidents worksheets to the right soon, and a Propaganda Primer can be found at the MLAG website. Good luck to all and we will see you on Friday.