Saturday, October 25, 2008

On-Sets Friday & EQ Worksheets

Our first On-Sets Friday Tournament saw the Next Prime Suspects with a dominating performance, averaging almost 5 points per player.

Next Prime Suspects: 83 points, 4.83 average
No Names: 78 points, 4.33 average
The Smurfs: 77 points, 3.85 average
Get Smart: 54 points, 3.38 average

Overall Standings:
Get Smart: 430 points, 26.09 average
Next Prime Suspects: 397 points, 25.19 average
No Names: 387 points, 24.66 average
The Smurfs: 350 points, 24.13 average

Top Individuals:
Wendy 31 points
Topher 30
Renee 30
Valerie 30
Brenna 30
Michael 29
Amol 28
Chelsea 28

We also passed out the Elementary EQ packets to the 6th graders. 7th and 8th graders will get theirs on Monday. Worksheets are due before Thanksgiving break. For every page completed, students will get one point added to their Friday tournament score, regardless of the number of problems they get correct. The idea is to reward effort. Students are encourage to bring their worksheet packet with them to all practices, as we will often have times when they can work on them with other students.