Friday, September 26, 2008

First Tournaments

We held our first Friday tournament today and the kids did well. Competition was crisp, the questions asked were on point, and for the most part all of the students seemed comfortable with the procedures of the game of Equations. The team results of the tournament are as follows:
Get Smart (Captains Wendy and Patrick) -- 74 total points, 4.63 average
No Names #1 (Captain Jiaao) -- 63 points, 4.5 average
No Names #2 (Captain Graham) -- 52 points, 3.87 average
Next Prime Suspects (Captain Val) -- 41 points, 3.15 average

The two no names teams have yet to pick a team name but will do so in practice next week.
In addition to the tournament, the kids were given an Adventurous Equations worksheet dealing with O wild, UD, SW and !.

We also discussed tomorrow's tournament at Saturday. Students should be at the Tappan cafeteria no later than 8:30am and we will be done between 12:15 and 12:30pm. While at the tournament the students will play three rounds of Adventurous Equations against students from other schools in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Lincoln, and possible Grand Rapids and Jackson. Students should bring paper, pencils, and their Academic Games notebooks with all of the worksheets that have been handed out so far.

Look forward to seeing all of you bright and early!