Friday, November 10, 2017

What's Going On At Clague Academic Games?

We are now a couple months into the Academic Games season and are already playing four of the six games that we play during the year.

The first game we started was Equations, which is a game in which our players demonstrate their amazing mathematical skills.  For a slightly outdated version of the basics of this game and a cat, check out this youtube video by Clague alumna Claire Fishman.

We have also added On-Sets, a game of set theory that is explained earlier in this blog at this link. We have been playing On-Sets and Equations at our Friday Tournaments and will be playing them at this month's Saturday Tournament on the 18th.

We have also started playing our U.S. History game, Presidents.  To learn about this game, there is also a blog post from earlier. This year we learn about the terms of the first 24 presidents (Washington through Cleveland).

Finally, we have started learning WFF 'n' Proof, a formal logic game.

The two other games Clague competes in -- Propaganda and Linguishtik -- will be started in the coming months.